Mumbai Meri Jaan

For me coming to Mumbai was like leaving the safe heaven of a Public sector job and jumping into the unpredictable world of the Private sector. I had heard stories about the ruthless dog-eats-dog world of private sector jobs and how difficult it was to survive in a private sector bank, where one had to prove one’s utility on day-to-day basis in order to survive in the system. All these notions largely turned out to be true. From the slow paced routinised world of public sector banking, the private sector demanded hard work, results and the ability to meet new challenges every day. It was the survival of the fittest in an environment, where your peers were ready to dislodge you any moment you slowed down your speed or lowered your guards. However, there was a positive effect of all these challenges. Once I started taking up these demands seriously, it brought out the best in me. It kicked the best of my elements and helped me sharpen and hone my  skills professionally as well as personally. The constant stream of challenges forced me to learn new things on day-to-day basis and keep expanding my domain of knowledge and expertise. Looking back, I think, this habit of incremental learning has kept me going in my life and helped me in exploring new dimensions in my life. It has made me happier, more confident and also improved me as a person. Suddenly, this demanding new world of challenges, allowed me to uncover the latent creative instincts inside me and lo the life exploded !. So much so that my deep-rooted desire to become a filmmaker came to surface, which helped me to finally discover the calling of my life. All this thanks to the gruelling and glittering world of Mumbai.

Published by

O P Srivastava

A banker-turned filmmaker based in Mumbai. India.

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